Robin Smith, MFT

Marriage & Couples Counseling, ADD, PTSD & OCD Treatment

robinI work with individuals, couples and families to promote a more profound sense of connectedness to self and other in the spirit of love and acceptance. With nearly twenty years of counseling experience, I can say that every client who walks through the door brings his or her own unique pain and suffering.

While there are a host of varied symptoms needing attention and remittance, the underlying deeper work uncovers and addresses areas of struggle, hurt and sadness. We need a safe harbor to sort out feelings and set them free.

Sometimes symptoms arise from internal conflicts and bring us into therapy. We discover we have made choices based on early beliefs about ourselves and the world—beliefs which need to be examined and changed to reflect the person we have become or want to be. We have made accommodations to get our needs met and yet, paradoxically, feel marginalized and empty; anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or suicidal ideation can result.

We are driven to seek relief from suffering. Chronic illness, over-functioning, or being a caregiver in a stressful environment, ADD and learning differences create problems with assimilation, success, and self confidence. Different cultural backgrounds create chasms of misunderstanding.

Therapy offers the opportunity to focus on oneself, to sort out the issues, and come to a place of increased self-awareness, understanding , and integration.

Therapy creates a bridge from isolation into a world of relationship. How do you bring meaning into your life?