Couples Counseling

Let us help you with issues involving:

  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual and Emotional Infidelity
  • Blended Families
  • Value Clarification and Creating Common Visions
  • Goal Setting
  • Sexual Difficulties

The world of Relationship has been pushed to the forefront in the twenty-first century. In the Bay Area, we are immersed in self-examination, both from personal and global perspectives. The roles of men and women have changed with increasing equality and financial parity in the workplace. Family Planning is now a way of life for heterosexual and same sex couples.

Expectations of true partnership where we hold ideas about “soulmates” and “intimacy” bring enormous disappointments in our struggle to create harmonious union. As two unique and changing individuals, we struggle with how to accommodate individual growth without compromising closeness. Sometimes an individual crosses a boundary and betrays a partner’s trust or pursues a path unacceptable to the other. Communication and trust break down and one’s most revered loved one becomes the enemy. Impasses can be fueled by dynamics learned in early childhood and re-enacted in relationship.

Couples Counseling offers a safe arena to explore difficult issues. As communication skills improve, deeper issues can be addressed, leading to mutual understanding which facilitates change within the dynamic of the couple.